Jul 11

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Feb 05

Our Turn to Join the Web

Its fair to say that we have been rather busy recently working with customers on their projects and getting our own account systems in place, but we have found some time to take our first steps towards building our web presence. Today we have launched a home page to give our customer some indication of what we can provide. This is only a temporary solution with our finished site due to hit the web in the next few months.

Feb 03

Another Mountain Climbed

There comes a point when a site needs a refresh and a new year meant improvements were on the cards for Liz Harper's travel website. Not only has the site been brought up to scratch to boost performance, but new features have made it onto the site. These include a brand new blog and animated elements. Have a look at this minimalistic, yet stylish site.

Feb 02

Welcome to the start of something big

I've always asked myself the question, what makes a web product amazing? Is it the fancy CSS that makes the appearance shiny? Is it the javascript which makes your experience a smoother one? Or is it simply the content which is available to you? Sure, those things have a big impact on the final product, but for me its simply when the application 'just works'. What do I mean by that? There have been many applications that I have used in the past which, I'll give them their due, have eventually worked but I cant say I've always had an easy experience. Whether it's because their code is so complex that the application confuses itself and you have to start again or just to get a simple job done, there are a million and one steps which you have to take! Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration but do you really want to have to go through several steps just to make one change? I know I don't.

Jan 15

Design, Build, Engage...

It's safe to say the popularity of seven aside rugby is on the increase. This week we launched the all new Frome7s website for local rugby club Frome RFC. Frome approached us looking for a unique and eye catching website to build on the success of the new found love of sevens rugby that is taking the country and world by storm. With two tournaments already under their (scrum) hat, Frome rugby were looking to take it up a level.